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User Experience

Web Design

Bergmount Technologies.

are always 3 years ahead of Local Market


Every web design we create will achieve “A” Grade Score in Pingdom & GT Metrix. As a result, your website will rank in google No: 1 Position and Gain 9/10 score in google AD Score Checker for better adwords performance.

& Creatives




Reason To Choose Us


Sky Rocket Your Business

Create a website which accelerate leads for your business with automated platforms.



Explore the Power of UX

Travel beyond reality, our user centric design will make users to stay in your digital product.



Run like a Fortune 500

Manage your business like a fortune 500 company. Which helps you to attract customers & beat your competitors 





Artificial Intelligence

Based, Digital Platform

Kick Start Your Idea Now

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Local SEO



Site Design





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# Static, Dynamic, Responsive & E-Commerce


If you are serious about your online presence, you need to know some basics of website purpose.

  • It’s like Your Digital Visiting Card.
  • Every Company Needs a Customer, you know 2.2 billion people search the internet every day. Internet Portals are great medium for selling your product.
  • Stand out from the crowd, be updated or you will be lost. A Simple portal creation increase company value.
  • Your company exposure will get expanded, from local to national.
  • You can do sales 24/7 for years, without human interaction. You customer can view your website even at midnight. So, there is no Close down.
  • Your internet media speaks about offers, products details, promotions, events etc.,
  • It gives you credibility.
  • You can make money through your online page by AdSense.
  • You’ll showcase your site in Google Search Results. 90 % of online users use google for SERP Results.
  • Astonishingly, you can create multilingual & multi-location websites across nation.

You have to make a Intellectual Decision while choosing best web design company in Chennai. Because we integrate website & Web App at low price (Progressive Web Application). Which is cool feature we provide for each and every clients.



Websites are crafted based on their need, want and purpose. Static , Fluid and responsive are few types, where all design will drop with in these three category. Need Model Inspiration at affordable packages, just contact us.


Static Design is going extinct in future. 

Let’s see what Static Hypertext documents is all about?

The Collection of hypertext documents whose content is fixed. It does not form a user-friendly concept. The usage is common for everybody, admin and user get the same user experience. These documents are coded in HTML and display the same content to everybody.

Static web design outline does not require any web programming or database. The static outline is easy to create and commonly used in simple websites. Static is cheaper than dynamic

Front End Language used to create static sites, which are Object Oriented

  • HTML / HTML 5.
  • CSS / CSS 3.
  • Javascript.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Jquery.

Static Websites are not similar to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon. Their content is always fixed. Let me show you an illustration. In recent times, static site graphic looks bad for site development.


With the Fluid design, you can change the size in Percentage than pixels. For example, when the device has changed the proportion of elements in the layout will change based on the screen display. 

There are advantage and disadvantage of this type of architecture. The Content and other elements decrease their size to minimal. But the proportionate of elements is decreased as well. So, we don’t get better user experience when we visually see the website. 


Responsive Design is the all-time best concept for website development. We are living in the digital era where most of the people spend time online. Because of this reason, the choosing Pattern of customers is changing day by day. Google expect user-friendly design.

What’s so important in Responsive creation?

We encourage every customer to choose the responsive design. Based on the screen size design and elements change themselves to give better performance and user experience. 

The above types are some Basic Principles of good web design.


# Get Overwhelmed Result with UX.


UI/UX Designs are Futuristic Concepts?

If You’re worried about your existing style, then UX/UI Concept is for you.

So What makes a Good Web Design!

In simple terms user experience is nothing but Deeply Focusing on your user. What is their need, how much they value on a given object and their ability, limitation to use the object? 

Our Main Objective to Implement UX is to increase your company growth. It also helps you to improve the quality of User Interaction and perception of your website. Bergmount is the one of best UX Responsive Web Design Company in Chennai. Our Photoshop artist will take your domain to the next stage.


World Class

Web Design


Ranking Site : Peter Dog School


# Trusted Web Designers


Why We Have Customer's All Over Chennai ?

Web Design, Application Development, Adwords, SEM, SMM & SMO


We cannot create products without need or demand. The same way UX / UI Works. Projects which create usefulness for the user can levitate your company development. Implementing useful content on the online portal is very important. This is the latest trendsetting creative projects.


For Example, outlining a complex design for a company site does not sound great right. We have to create a decent design for the company depending upon the user age, professional, gender and lifestyle. 


Desirability plays a vital role during the brand creation process. For instance, take the Apple brand as an overview. All over the world people have a huge desire to own Apple brands. It may be an iPhone, Macbook, iPod or Ipad. People always wanted to own Apple brands. The same way, when a user visits your online page they must be overwhelmed visually.

This overwhelming design will create the desire to own your product. Always stand out from the crowd.


Visible Information or content will increase your conversion ratio. Information in the right place is the key factor which influences user experience. Make the navigation user-friendly and fast. Placing important content Before the Off Hold is the most important factor for SEO.


Always try to do Ethical things for your company. Treat Everyone equally, bring your information to the limelight. Hiding it for some people and opening for few will not make your website to work great. Give Equal preference for everyone.


The world runs based on trust and credibility. Building trust is very crucial in company. Your website is the first step in the sales conversion process. Use SSL Certificate, Check your Content (Plagiarism), Insert Your own company image, infographic or video. Never copy from another hypertext document. Bergmount Website Content Writers in Chennai, exclusively insert plagiarism free content.


We give top priority to Price and Valuable Comparison. No competitors can match our web design cost. R星平台登录首页


Call Us -9566186335


Mobile Technology is the Future… Why?

Based on the User’s percentage, Mobile will takeover laptop and desktop in a few years. 

All over the world the Percentage of mobile user’s are increasing drastically. In 2018 it’s 50% and now its 52 %. But In India, the growth rate is astonishing. It’s 76%, which is 24% higher than the global standard. (R星平台地址二维码 If you have a WordPress project, then you can choose a Plugin called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is continuously developing in recent years

You can check the Mobile-Friendly Test here


# From Parallax to E-Commerce Design


Before Starting an online platform for your company, we have to brainstorm and gather ideas to find out its purpose. Website Creators, normally categorize sites based on Businesses.


A Recent Survey report, Out of 100 websites 65 sites are Basic Five-page concept. Developing a 5-page web design is easy and cost-effective. You need not spend lacs and lacs of rupees to own one. We are Award-winning MNC web design company in Chennai provides you just for Rs 5999/- The Cost is Amazing right, feel free to call us. 

Some of the Consulting sites are law firm, Painting Contractors site, pest control, pharmacy, physiotherapy, plumbing, plastic surgery, Psychologist, Risk Management


  • If you have a logo that’s great or we provide you one.
  • The homepage contains an impressive slider, Image Gallery, Youtube Embed for Videos, Icon List, user testimonial Etc.,
  • About us – You can give a brief explanation about yourself or company.
  • Services – This is the most important page, you mention about your services or product details.
  • Gallery Page – You can upload photos of your office or manufacturing details.
  • Contact Us Page – Complete Address Details, Lucrative Contact Form, Google My Business Integration, Google Map Embed.


Parallax is an innovative concept evolved last decade. If you need a template format then parallax cheapest concept. Our low cost & Cheap Web Design Will develop the entire parallax single page concept for Rs 2499/-. Comparably Parallax patterns provide a Better User Experience.


  • Parallax is a one-page site, which is scrolling type. 
  • Whenever you click a menu bar it will scroll the page to the respective container. If you click services menu button it scrolls down to services container instead of moving to another page.
  • Container Elements are Responsive and user-friendly.
  • Can Achieve Pingdom Score above 90 (A) Grade, if developed by experts.


Blogging type websites are always great. We can categorize blogging type into two.

  1. Professional Blogging.
  2. Company Blogging.

In simple term, professional bloggers all over the world use blogging type. Where these blogs are performance-oriented which focus on page speed, minification, CSS Inline. These professional blogger writes hundreds or thousands of pages to bring visitors. Their target audience is big, for example, some of the blogging (biography) sites are Shoutmeloud, Neilpatel.com.

In the Below Example, you can find a five-page normal website with Blogging concept. Few sites with interactive type are as follows, banking, schools, college, skincare, Solar, Spa & Swimming Pool, Sports, Spiritual,


I personally know a few companies who make money online. Even my friends are running these kinds of business. Being a Web Development Company, we have developed a number of classified and advertising websites for our customers. Few businesses sustained and few died. Failed concept happened because of a lack of consistent effort. But we will talk about the people who have won.

If you need a classified project, you must concentrate on Advertising factor too. No Company is going to register their company for Premium membership. In most of the cases, they list only for free. If they find it useful, the chances of premium customers are possible. Finding an Advertising Agency is tough but you must find an ethical one. Without being on the first page of Google SERP, it’s useless to start a classified or advertising websites.

You can use a clone concept or you can start the outline from scratch. Our design experts will guide you in every possible way. Some of the Company listing and advertising sites are Justdial, Sulekha, Olx, Quikr. Other than this portal, if you are looking for travel portal development, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some of the other classified & listing sites are Property Listing,


If you are looking to build a community website, then the forum based portal is always great. Before choosing this type of portal you have to know why forums are important.

First and foremost reason is building a relationship with customers or users. Every Medium scale organization will have these forum type website, where users will post thread. Based on the thread, either community member or administrator will reply for the written thread.

Few forum type category are Racing sites, 


We all know about Yahoo Answers, Askme, Quora. In recent years, the user was looking for exclusive domains. These top sites cover all topics, and they miss a key ingredient “Niche Site”. We can visually see a huge opportunity in Question and Answer websites.

Choose a particular Niche, and develop a website for your company model. Be Interactive with your customers and Do Knowledge transfer for your user. 

Some of the Niche Question & Answer websites are Furniture, Medicine, Bike, Cars, Astrology, Quiz & Survey etc,


We cannot hide a truth, e-commerce is the revolutionizing concept which evolved after Amazon. For the past Two Decades, e-commerce portal is standing out from the crowd. This sector owns a billion-dollar market capitalization. After online evolution and increase in internet users, luxury E-commerce portal in India is getting the stand than other sectors. Bergmount will guide in every process, from creation to lead acceleration.

Our Designers implement user-centric creation while developing a commerce portal. Because E-Commerce portals traffic varies from 100 visitors to a million visitors. Even a single mistake will decrease the dwell time of the websites.

If you are serious about E-Commerce portals consider to register your company, Apply for GST and Create a Current Account in the Name of your company. Because Payment Gateways in India made this checklist as a mandatory to prevent Fraudsters. Don’t worry about this process, bergmount take care of everything

Some of the Major E-Commerce category available in the Market are Clothes, Shoes, Furniture, Medicine, Online tyre store, Pets shop, Fashion, Online shop for jewellery, photography, pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Salon, sweet shop & bakery  etc.,


Newspaper and Magazine sites through our website builder software is very cost effective. Political News portal must have certain mandatory specifications like Date, Events, R星平台-首页 Copyrights & navigation bar  etc.,

Always be sure that your design is responsive and fluid. Contact Us directly and get free quotation for news/magazine design.


Only passionate people in the entertainment industry will try to create a portal for their company. In most cases, these professionals use Social Media to form a community for them. Some of the Big Audio sharing platforms are Soundcloud, Netflix etc., If you are in need of one, just ping us. We will help you to create one. Here are some category – Radio Station,


If you’re in online research for quite some time, you would have come across portals like Slideshare. These portals will help their users to upload a number of files like PPT, PDF, Word Document and so on. In most of the cases, students and Industry Professionals take a huge knowledge transfer. These Portals need huge storage space. Our Web Hosting Plan are very cost efficient.

File sharing concept can be implemented in every online company. For Example, you run a manufacturing company and you have the plan to maintain a file-sharing concept for your online portal. 100 % it’s possible we will integrate a lite weight File Sharing Plugin for your manufacturing company.

Are you look for Sharing site, then please choose the following category SharePoint, skillshare, slideshow, snowboard,


Thinking of becoming Mark Zuckerberg, Don’t waste time. There is One Facebook, One LinkedIn and One Twitter. You cannot compete with these people. Because they went inside the blood of every social media user. You can create a new concept in your niche. Think about creating alternatives.

If anyone say that you can compete for the above social media platforms. They are manipulating you. Instead, sit and try to find out a unique alternative for those concepts. Some of social media website are Pinterest, podcast, Sports Club, summer campsite,


Are you running Job Hiring Company? Then you are in Right Place. 

There is high misconception of Job Portals. Job seekers and Employers run behind the major platforms like Naukri, Monster Job, Timesjob, Indeed. But That’s not accurate in reality. You can create your own job portals for your Niche. Job portals must have a live interactive session between modern employers and modern job seeker.

Here are some honourable mentions of other category web development Freelance, Furniture, Fitness, Financial Advisor, Film Maker, Funeral Home, Gym, Gaming, Garden, Mortgage sites, Non-Profit Organization, Nursery, oil field, optometry etc.,

In Chennai, you can see much company who are ready to do Website Clone or Mockup. Please avoid that kind of manipulation work.


Our Services

  • Web Design
  • App Development
  • Adwords (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design


# For Coders & Non-Coders


Every custom site is created with the help of web design platforms. Some of the majorly used platforms are WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, PHP, JAVA, C++, HTML, Shopify etc., These platforms will help you to create a unique and innovative creation. On the Whole, WordPress always take the lead. 50 % + online pages are created in this platform.

Let’s talk about these Platforms Individually


If you need a decent and User-Friendly project, WordPress is the Top notch option for every freelancer and consultant. A few decades back, creating a website is very tough. You must seek help from the top coders in the market. But now it’s very easy and quick. You can create one in 30 mins. 

In WordPress, you can create a website with zero coding knowledge.

Some of the WordPress themes which exceeded the expectation are Astra, Ocean wp, Genesis Framework, pinnacle and they are lucid in nature etc., Looking for more here is the quick link for WordPress.


HyperText Markup Language is the Primary Building Block of creating a website. Without Html, nothing is possible in online. The latest version of HTML is (HTML 5). For the past 26 years, this language plays a major role in website creation and even google calculate the HTML Page Size for better User Experience. 

You cannot use themes, instead, you have to write the code for each and every page. The only cons in HTML concept and PHP are we have to change the source code from the back end. A Person without coding knowledge cannot Create a hypertext document. 


Most popular concept and the top websites are crafted with PHP. It’s an Open Source Platform, and HTML Embedded Scripting Language is used to create a dynamic site. The Extension is .php and it can perform any task like other Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Programs. The main advantage of using PHP is its compatibility with using multiple databases.

Some Commonly used concepts are

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Content Management
  3. Blogs
  4. Forums.
Our PHP professionals can take care of online platforms to the next level.


Joomla is becoming popular in the last few years. In fact, Joomla is similar to WordPress and have slightly more features. But in reality, WordPress beats the race because it has easy to use option, biggest online community, large number of free themes & plugins in their database.

There is a misconception about the Joomla, where developers can create only small and medium scale project. But to be true with you, one can develop even government portals too. Among the other Content Management Systems like Drupal and WordPress. Joomla Stands out from the crowd.


Drupal is also an open source Content Management Framework, which is written in PHP. Almost 2.3% of world websites run in Drupal framework. You can create any time of web design in drupal. And it’s highly Flexible and Scalable. 

Drupal Runs with the help of Themes and Plugins, which is similar to Joomla and WordPress. The Uncompressed size of Latest Drupal 8.0 Core is 80 mb. The success of drupal basically come from a vast number of Modules, which has around 30,000 in its Database.


Shopify Platforms is only for Online Company Models. You can easily create an online store with the help of Shopify. You don’t need a web developer to start your online store. You just subscribe to the premium version and every features and idea will be available as default.


If you need an E-Commerce portal, then you cannot neglect Prestashop. It’s an exclusive platform where you can make E-Commerce sites. E-commerce design from bergmount has achieved immensely in the design part. Prestashop is written in PHP Programming Language. Almost 2.5 lacs online store worldwide run in Presta Shop and  You don’t need to be a coder to create Prestashop online store.


It’s again an E-Commerce Platform like Prestashop and Shopify. The Main Advantage of Magento is its flexibility. The Coding Program is written in PHP. Though there is some speculation about Magento security, later it overcame those obstacles. We are prolific Magento development company.

The following are other platforms where you can create a beautiful web design for your Company – open cart,  Squarespace, Shopify & Spotify,


# WordPress, Joomla & Drupal


Technology is Growing fast and competition is everywhere and we are pushed to reduce the cost of our product. Not only in portal creation but in every sector. Even Our customers are looking for low-cost web design with lucrative features.

People are not interested in coding and other stuff. So, we agreed to create a project for our client’s creative page with the help of themes to make our customer overwhelm. 

First, you must know the Fundamentals of Theme?

In a simple term, a theme controls the Presentation of the Content. A Theme can change the layout & Grid functionality of the website in front End. Thousands & thousands of themes are available in the market. Where some themes are free and some are paid. Choosing a better one is your choice. 

These themes are coded by top coders in the world. So, there is no room for failure. We personally encourage theme based websites because of its Power and responsiveness. Bergmount web design package is comparably low and we never use Nulled, Pirated or Outdated themes for our clients.


One of the most popular platforms in online space. You can find thousands of themes for these platforms. Almost 50 +% websites run with these themes, and 30 +% these portals using themes as the free version. 

In the Real scenario, themes are more powerful which helps you to improve user engagement in your website. There is Static, Dynamic and responsive theme available in WordPress, Joomla & Drupal. A Normal tech guy will install a demo and complete total website designing as DIY.



Building Portals from scratch will consume more time. The Best creation comes from the best themes from WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento etc., These are cost-effective because the elements have pre-design templates. Another main reason for choosing a theme is because of google guidelines. A good theme will give you an SEO Friendly portals.

In most themes, implementation of UX is the default option. As a site owner, you need not worry about any concept, when you choose a theme.


You need to put 10,000 working hours to become an expert. People who create these themes are experts who Inhale and exhale the programming language. They built it from scratch even a professional web design company cannot match their competency.

Our Company’s web developers have created those themes and are publicly available in WordPress, Joomla, Shopify & Magento.


Creating from scratch will cost you more money. Yes, there are many factors which influence the cost like, owning source code, maintaining bugs and regular up gradation to match the competition. 

If you want to Migrate or create a new up-gradation for your portal, then you are in the right place.


Google Guidelines for building a website is evolving day by day. A couple of years back Page Speed Insight didn’t give priority to DOM Size like today. So we have to think about the future when we do the portal creation for your Company.

Take for an example, If you want to run an Adwords Campaign google need a landing page with the performance score of 8 or 9 out of 10. Contact us to rate your old company website.

The landing page is a part of your online portal. As a result you need a lucrative site which provides good performance and user experience. Bergmount is working hard to achieve these parameters for better results. Just Contact us for Complete Website Audit. You will learn more about page speed, performance in upcoming content.


The world is running behind the online space, where every company owners are fully focusing on generating leads through Digital Platforms. SEO is really hard, a normal professional person with limited knowledge cannot run an SEO program for clients.

Even if he runs it, he will fail miserably. SEO is an art of writing content, getting relevant backlinks and Rank Brain.

If you are serious about SEO in overtime, you must learn the art of patience. Google considers around 200 ranking signals for ranking. Reading as a theory is easy, but practical implementation is very hard. Bergmount Web design agency learnt the art and will create a better portal for your company.

If you are looking for more information in SEO & Digital Marketing please don’t hesitate to call us. Before outsourcing your project, please go for a deep research in online.


Humans always need best, that makes them so happy. website with user experience will take your online users to the next step. You spend thousands and thousands of rupees for your marketing but what happens when your website looks ugly. Definitely, your user will close the tab without any hesitation. The conversion rate become very and you will the sale. 

Better user experience will make your user stay on your company page for more time. Your hard work will pay off. Survival of the Fittest, we will put maximum effort for your business.



In Today’s world, the site builder is the top priority for every developer. If you want to create from scratch, the page builder is great options. These page builders are live for more than a decade. The evolution of these builders transformed a lot. Earlier, developers were looking for better builders but in recent times, the developers are looking for performance and user experience as well. 

There are 100’s of site builders available in the market. But we will talk about a few, which revolutionized the concept of website development. Some of the Sleek builders are Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg and Site Origin.


The word Elementor is the Hot topic in the developer community for the past three years. To be honest with you, our website is built in Elementor with the WordPress platform. Yes, it’s true.

You can build Great pages with elementor from Basic Concept to Big E-Commerce portal and it provides you pop up, sign up templates. Just check our performance in https://tools.pingdom. You will see 95 (A) Grade. The Elements of Elementor gives you an astonishing result, that’s the power of Elementor.


This Legend is a Premium Builder, launched a decade back. Still, developers recommend visual composer to users and create fabulous web creation. Visual composer is available in Codecanyon and the price is very low compared to the work done by this builder.

Top Company like Bloomberg, DHL, Asus, Coca-Cola uses Visual Composer. If you are serious about Lucrative project then this builder is a great choice.


This Builder turned around the concept of web design. Best User-Friendly Plugin, even a non-coder can develop one. Divi Builder Provides you lot of Pre created template. So choosing one is not a great deal.

This builder is Premium plugin which has 46 Premium modules. Which is similar to Elementor and Visual Composer. This Builder provides you rich look for your page. 


Beaver is a flexible drag and drop page builder in the WordPress platform. You can download this plugin as a free version and if you need Premium Addon, you must choose Subscription. Though Beaver builder came before elementor, it didn’t attain the maximum growth. But it has a pre-defined library where plugin user can download it. This Page builder got everything you need but it never reached a peak like others. We personally recommend this builder for easy usage and user experience.


This Builder is an open-source plugin developed by the WordPress community. Gutenberg Page Builder is a Free plugin available in wordpress.org. Developers all over the world waited for Gutenberg launch due to their marketing hype. After the launch, this plugin miserably failed to get good rating. But after a couple of months, they came back with an updated version which is really good.

This is the only Web Design builder which is wholly integrated with WordPress. 


No matter what! A Legend is a legend. Site origin started in 2011, one of the oldest page builder. If you are new to WordPress and if you want to make a basic web design, then this builder is for you.

You cannot find high tech Modules but it provides you with the decent modules. The Premium subscription of site origins features is comparably lower than other Page Builders.

Looking for More

Call us for Free Consultation 


Why Bergmount?


We go deep into the concept of Branding

We are Commited to 100% Result Orientation

Fastest process than industry standards.

Always be ahead of technology & beat your competitors


# Elementor, Visual Composer, Site Origin etc.,


Page Builders are user-friendly and you need not know about ABC of coding. Building web design is easy than older formats. Customization of pages is possible but in themes, it’s a little bit difficult.

These Builders are Built by International Experts which will achieve Google Page Performance Ranking. Alteration and Small Change is easy and quick. It has default responsiveness and SEO friendly.


You can create a basic online platform with these builders. No Coding Knowledge is necessary. It’s just like creating a powerpoint presentation. Drag and Drop concept, that’s it.

A smart move isn’t it. If you are a startup and worried about the cost then you can start the work on your own. Just try to create a basic web development.

Initially, it might look harder but when practised regularly, it’s easy or give the work to us, we will guide you in every step about the process and will help to edit the whole website on your own. You need not wait or spend money on editing. Instead, you can change it by yourself with love.


Are you thinking about bugs, code break or SQL Injection?

Don’t worry, few themes will suffer in these issues. But these page builders will withstand against any issues.

Oh God, it is scripted by international experts. Breaking the source code or Injecting SQL is not an easy task for hackers. I personally recommend, instead of choosing a theme try to choose website builders. 

You can find every feature, From Modules, Elements, Containers, Embedded IFrames, Shortcodes and on the whole you get Pre-designed templates. Choose any one of the templates for better performance and speed.


That’s right, page builders are faster than themes. The reason why I’m saying this is, you just drag and drop the elements. You need not create a coding line from scratch.

What happens in themes, there is a certain restriction in adding elements. Themes will have limited add-ons, whereas these builders can add any elements without any constrains.


Technology, all over the world is changing day by day. To compete with the competitors we are updating our self on a regular basis.

You need not be a programmer to edit the containers or elements. Personally we encourage every customer to learn about the basic editing work. So that they can avoid these problems in future.

Let's Stay in Touch

Bergmount offers you Web Design, Digital Marketing like SEM, SEO, SMM & SMO with AI based Tool. Join your hands with us for better Reach & growth.



Why world goes behind google, this brand is acting like a monopoly which owns around 90 % of the market share in Search Engine Market. 

We are the leading web development services in Chennai who achieved a 95% client retention rate. We create portals with a lucrative strategy.


In Recent Years, the website is decorated with page builders. It is easy to build and the performance from them is great. 

Pingdom and GT Metrix are popular speed testing tool worldwide.


You can test your page, depending upon your geolocation. Some of the geolocation centres available in Pingdom are Asia, Europe (Germany), Europe (UK), North America (Washington DC), North America (San Francisco), Pacific (Australia) and South America (Brazil). 

If your website gets 95 + grade in Pingdom, then you have achieved  “A” Grade. Here are some few suggestions of Pingdom.

  • Avoid URL Redirect.
  • Making Fewer HTTP Request.
  • Avoid Empty SRC or HREF.
  • Put Javascript at the bottom.
  • Reduce the number of DOM Elements.
  • Avoid Alpha image Loader Filter.
  • Make Favicon Smaller & Cacheable.


GT Metrix almost handle 28 to 40 request for Medium size online sites. GT Metrix check your performance based on Two features. Pagespeed & YSlow. Some of the Top Recommendation by Pagespeed is

  • Minimize Redirects.
  • Defer Parsing of Javascript.
  • Optimize Images.
  • Minimize Javascript & HTML.
  • Enable Zip Compression.
  • Leverage Browser caching



Earlier Google used to have Desktop Indexing, but after the tremendous growth in the Mobile sector, google announced separate indexing for mobile users too.

This Strategy makes the website designers and SEO consultant concentrate uniquely on Mobile Indexing. From Ranking to Performance this indexing is separate from desktop one. You have to Fetch for both Indexings.


Make your online page SEO friendly, you must work hard to make it SEO Friendly. Check your online platform through the following testing tools like SEO Site Checkup, Neil Patel Seo Analyzer, Woo Rank

These online portals will help you to make a wise decision. Bergmount Dynamic Websites are ultimately SEO Friendly and we check all aspects before launching your site. Be sure, you are stepping into the online platform you must be stand out from the crowd to withstand the High competition.


It’s a complete Google-backed project, which was started with a mission to provide User First Format for Web Content. It’s highly successful but google never confirmed about that AMP as a ranking factor. But major E-commerce portal worldwide is using Amp for better User Experience.

Our average cost for implementing AMP is very low. Instead of going for a mobile version of your web page you can opt for AMP. Finding AMP in an online page is very easy, google will show a Thunder Symbol in SERP Result.


Voice Search will takeover SERP result in the next couple of years. Usage of voice search is evolving day by day all over the world. The industry is bringing their products based on this changeover. For Example, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

Voice Search is great when your website is ranking for certain keywords. As an SEO Expert myself, I recommend every analyst to focus on voice-based search.  Answer The Public will guide you for better keyword research


By now you would have learnt about google expectations. So performance plays an important role here. You can check Pingdom, GT Metrix & Google page speed insight for performance. 

To get better exposure and better conversion rate, your website should get a decent performance score for Adwords. 9 out of 10 is a good score. You invest your money in AdWords to generate leads. During your campaign process, you would be bidding your money for CPC clicks. If your landing page performance is poor like 5 or 6 out of 10. The money which you spent in Adword campaign will become a total loss. 


# Cpanel, I/O Usage, Dedicated IP


Before getting into hosting, we have to talk about free internet pages and its builders. There is nothing called free in an online platform. We call it as Freemium. 

Free website was popular two decades back but now its’s useless and people will not trust you if you own one. We mention them as WEB 2.0. few examples are Wix, Zoho sites, Blogspot etc., 

Take for an example, if brand A (bergmount) need this kind of free site you get the subdomain like the following

  • bergmount.wix.com
  • bergmount.zoho.com
  • bergmount.blogger.com

By words, your brand name is available in URL, but the site belongs to these web 2.0. The free site will not provide you with a Unique domain. If you need a unique domain like www. you need to pay some amount and later you can create a website.


An SEO Expert knows the importance of hosting. creating a site is totally different from Bringing your website to first Indexing of google results. Take for an example, Google will bring only two websites from a server for a single keyword.

For Instance, you have a car washing site and the keyword for the company is “Car Wash Chennai “. Google always go deep and choose a better site for its user. If your Server has Three or more car wash site, google will rank only the top two better site from that Server. So Owning a Dedicated IP for every single site is important.

On the other hand, think about site design. You must watch I/O Usage. Because Input and output calculation is very important to load your site. In most cases, you will have 2 MB to 8 MB I/O in your server. Choosing this option will help your site to load faster than other sites. 


Every firm will provide you customized Admin C Panel for your company site. You can have a complete hold on your site. 

By owning the login details of C Panel, its easy for you to watch the I/O Usage, Disk Usage. Even Further its easy to maintain your Database and Backup without any restriction.


This Feature will help you to find out where you stand among your competitors. As a website owner, you must be aware of these add on features. Google gives you every feature for better user experience.


Online website is not just creating an online platform for your Company. It’s Your Future. Just stand out from the crowd. You are taking a big leap by bringing your Company to online. Always remember,

A Clean & Ethical company will live for Three generations.

So, be clear in your decision. Choose the best web design company in Chennai for your business to withstand the competition. Thanks for reading the Full Content. All the best for your business. May God be with you for your future success.

Founder, Bergmount.



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